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Alton Evolution 8’ 7” x 16’ 9”



Q – When should I book the installation? 
A – As early as possible! We have bookings in our diary that are eight months away…lead times are particularly long at the moment so best secure your slot in the diary as soon as possible.

Q – What do I need to do to secure my installation?
A - Once you are happy with the installation price you simply supply your name and address along with your e-mail address and we'll hold you a slot in the diary at the estimated delivery date, or as close to it as possible.

Q – Do I need to pay in full on booking or pay a deposit?
A – No. You just pay when the job is done and when you are happy with the result, and you will be, we have a 100% customer satisfaction record which we are very proud of.

Q – Can you come and visit the site to check on the base?


A – If passing yes we’d be happy to but generally this is not feasible as it would mean taking a day out of our diary.  You can send us a photo if you are concerned about the site. 

Q. What about the base, what do I need to do?

A – The base must be firm and level, this is critical. If the base isn’t level it may lead to all sorts of issues not just with the build but long term. Better to get it right as the greenhouse will be there a long time. We can deal with a few millimetres tolerance but ideally no more. Please take time to ensure it’s level and that it’s big enough. Your 6’ x 6’ greenhouse isn’t 6’ x 6’! It may be 6’ 3” x 6’ 3”. Please read the guidance from the supplier on how to prepare your base. If we arrive and the base is not fit to accommodate your greenhouse then we may have to charge you for a wasted day. You may have to go to the back of the queue also as our diary is usually full for weeks if not months.


Q – What do I need to do to prepare for your arrival?

A – That’s easy, nothing! As long as the base is flat and firm then we take care of the rest. No electricity is needed, we will have everything with us that we need.  

Q – What time will you arrive?

A – Due mostly to the distances involved 9am is generally the time we aim for unless we've arranged with you for a different time.  If we are closer then we'd like to start anytime from 7:30 but we will arrange this with you in the days preceding our arrival.

Q – What size of van will you be coming in?

A – We operate with Ford Transit Connect long wheel base vans. They are no longer than an estate car.  Please let us know if there are any parking restrictions or difficulties and if a permit or ticket is needed.

Q – What if my delivery is delayed, will I lose my place? 

A- No, It’s impossible to know exactly when delivery is until a week or ten days before. If your delivery is later, we simply push you back in the diary to meet the new delivery date. Basically it is a queueing system so you won’t lose out. 



Q – My greenhouse components and glass have been delivered and are outside, do I need to protect them from the rain? 
A – Not really. Please don’t move the glass, it’s of course very fragile and the more it’s moved the more chance of breakage and we don’t want that. We’ll move it to the site when we are ready to install it. The cardboard boxes are fine in the rain, there is nothing in there that can be affected by the rain, just the instructions and we don’t need those. 


Q – Should I check the boxes and make sure all the parts are in there as recommended?

 A – No, please don't attempt this.  Even on the smallest of greenhouses there are so many parts, not all have been stamped or labelled. There are right hand and left handed parts too, very difficult to spot if you are not familiar which is partly why they are picked and packed wrong sometimes. It would take you longer to check all the parts than it would for us to build it. Then the glass would need to be checked which if done thoroughly you'd need to move it, bad idea!! So it's best to trust the supplier, really the only way to discover missing parts is during the build process. 


Q- How long will the build take?
A – Lot’s of variables here but greenhouses up to 10 feet long are usually completed on day one. Daylight, rain and wind can all be factors plus if access is restricted or tricky then things will take longer. If it is very windy we won’t start glazing until we know we can complete, where possible, on same day as the building won’t be anchored down until the building assembly is complete.  Naturally on large buildings it may take longer than one day to glaze so we may wait until the forecast is better. 

Q – I have help at hand that can assist with the build, will you need some help?

A – Thank you but no, for two reasons. Our insurance would be invalid if we accepted help from an outside party. Secondly we are very experienced and we have our procedures and ways of doing things particularly if it is one person, adding help may even slow things down and adds risk of something going wrong.  So we have to politely decline assistance. 

Q – During the installation you've discovered there are missing parts, what happens now?

A – Can’t lie here, this is a real problem and it’s a reason we think that there aren’t more greenhouse installers. When this happens it messes up our diary to no end because naturally you want us back straight away when the missing parts arrive, usually in a few days. We are often booked up two or three months in advance so we have to find a way to slot you back in somehow. If we get a bad run of missing parts then that’s trouble, everything goes to pot! Each time this happens we lose a full day’s work, not nice. We do get compensated by the supplier but whilst this helps it does not nearly cover our loss. So please be patient with us, not our fault of course and there’s nothing we can do about it but try our very best to get back to you as soon as possible.


We will order the missing part(s) for you straight away. If it is stock they’ll be sent out straight away. It’s only when you confirm that they have arrived that we can endeavour to rebook your installation as there can be delays with the couriers or there may be a further mistake with the replacement parts. 

Q – If there are missing parts should I pay you if the greenhouse isn’t fully finished?  

A. - You can use your best judgement here but as a guide, if you have an operational greenhouse then that’s probably fair. What wouldn’t be fair is for you to hold back payment for a couple of weeks when there’s, for example, some pieces of guttering missing that doesn’t require us to come back and fit. That was unfair! We have no contract with any suppliers as we are an independent company so unfortunately there's nothing we can do and whilst we can order the parts for you we have no control over the process.


Q - Tea or coffee? A – Thank you, Ian definitely likes his tea but Joe is happy with water.  


Q - How can I pay?

A – Upon booking please supply your email address. We will send an invoice when the job is done. Not so keen on cheques but you can choose to pay cash if you wish. 

Q – Do your prices include VAT?
A- We are now registered for VAT and the price you will be quoted will contain VAT at 20%. 

Q – Will you offer discount for cash?
A – Sorry no, whilst it could be said we don’t need to because we have more bookings than we are able to accommodate, we believe our prices are fair for the work, time and skills involved. 

Q – What are the payment terms?

A - Payment is due once the greenhouse has been installed. Most customers pay on the same day or day later but please don’t leave it longer as it means you’ll need to get a reminder and that’s not something we enjoy having to do. 

Q – Will you take away the rubbish?
A – Sorry, no. In some weeks we have the potential to build up to fifteen greenhouses, that’s a lot of cardboard to collect and it’s simply not feasible to have to dispose of this. You’ll have the cardboard boxes left plus usually one black sack containing paper and glass protector. We won’t leave any of our own rubbish. 

Q - Will my greenhouse be water proof?
A – We often get questions about water ingress. Greenhouses are not designed to be waterproof. There will be minimal ingress of rain but it is recommended that you let things settle and over time if there are areas where too much water is coming in then you can treat with some silicon.

Q - I have a problem with the greenhouse, will you come back and fix it?

A – Within the first six months from installation we will guarantee our work. Anything that concerns the installation we will put right. If you find the door is sticking please make sure you clear the bottom door runner from dirt and grit before calling. We do have to book a slot for you so please bear with us as it may take some time to get to you. 

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